Seriously, Kristin – WOW!  This is spectacular.  I am sending to my VP and Bentley Fund folks to review, but overall, it took my breath away.  Beautiful descriptive paragraphs. And we’ll have terrific content to use on our website, for individual appeals, our brochure, and more.  

-Leigh Gaspar, Bentley University


You are brilliant.  I am reading and thinking we have created something unique and wonderful, and you are the sine qua non of that creation.

-Stephen Rosenfeld (Boston Bar Association project with Childrens Hospital)


We love it.  Like the logic.  Like the elements.  Like the detail and conceptual.  Like the words.  Like the new phrasing of our customary concepts.  So, thanks!  You make it look easy, Kristin, but having spent considerable time on my own trying to think up ideas like this, I know better.

-Nancy Wilson, Tufts University


Kristin really improves a team's performance. She thinks well from 50,000 to 5 feet, listens well, challenges assumptions and cliches, and writes killer copy.

-Tom Anderson, Weymouth Design


Man oh man, you just keep cranking out these great stories! I like how this one talks a lot about impact—especially Julie’s comments about the freshman activities fund, because it taps into the Campaign for Students’ other “non-financial aid” needs. I love it!

-Jenn Willinsky, MIT


All of your writing is so delicious and smooth—it reminds me of butter!

-M.B. Flanders, Flanders & Associates


We’re all feeling really good about the final product – and about the way it came together. A huge amount of credit is due to you on both counts. Thank you for delivering such outstanding copy and for being so professional and knowledgeable in your interactions with so many Suffolk Law faculty, students, etc. Brava!

-Sam O’Neill, Lapham Miller


You have captured the case very well in succinct terms. The sentiment is just what we need for the Clark Fund appeal, and the way you have emphasized the key points of supporting Clark students today is wonderful.

-Sarah Conlon Curtis, Clark University


Dear Kristin – Deepest gratitude for the hard work (even pioneering work!) you’ve done for us this year.

-Celia Regan, The Mount Sinai Medical Center


Your writing talents and organizational skills were an immense help on this project, thank you. We couldn't have done it without you, honest, and I look forward to working with you on a new project that is equally as fun.

-Debbie Beaudette, Suffolk University


Thank you so much for all your amazing work –

-Heather Hill, Cushing Academy


It’s lovely, Kristin—yet another excellent job! Once again, you nailed all the important points we discussed, and you did it beautifully. I especially like how you incorporate MIT’s core values (collaboration/passion for what one is doing and for others/community, etc.)—just terrific.

-Jenn Willinsky, MIT


Kristin, thanks again for being such a wonderful writer! You were a dream team member and I loved all of your suggestions and input. You’re a great working partner with great ideas, and you helped make the project a success.

-Jacqueline Royer, Architect


The work you’ve been doing is absolutely incredible, and I find it hard to believe we have been so fortunate to have your involvement and talent on this project. If we had to complete this guidebook without you, it would not have the tone and spirit you have managed to convey, and which is so important to the overall feel of the project. You really captured what it is that inspires us day after day.  We are all deeply appreciative of all you have done.

-Heidi Howard, The May Institute


Kristin, we have really enjoyed working with you, and your deliverables were terrific. You have been amazing and made a huge difference on this project. Thank you so much!

-Patricia McLaughlin, Johnson & Wales University


We are very, very happy with the articles you’ve submitted for our campaign magazine. Thanks for doing such an extraordinary job!

-Sara Daniels, The Mount Sinai Medical Center



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